About TPI Films

TPI was formed in Las Vegas twenty years ago on the back of a Keno card in the Flamingo 24hr restaurant at 2am. After a long night of rolls of quarters at Caesars and The Sand’s, listening to mediocre covers of Frank and Sammy and Dean and, The Pointer Sisters – we had figured it out.

The Point Is …. Read the card (written in crayon) …… and that was it.

Well, we lost that card. One of us stumbled out of the restaurant and puked in the lobby bathroom – one of us stuffed the note in their pocket, and twenty years later when we found it — we decided – it’s time to figure out what the point is ……….

..so here goes.

Eric Loy

Eric Loy holds an AB in Theater and Film from Occidental College (1991.)

After graduation, Loy began an entrepreneurial career in both the entertainment and Internet industries. In 1992, Loy formed his first company, Force Five Productions LLC. Force Five focused on producing music videos and independent films and successfully teamed up with award winning artists and directors like Dustin Hoffman, Davis Guggenheim, and Vadim Perlman.

Then, in 1997, Eric became the driving force in forming CDL, Inc. Loy’s idea was to channel his wife’s curatorial and arts management skills into an advisory service that served individuals interested in building art collections. The couple not only tapped their many contacts throughout Hollywood, but also reached out to individuals across the United States and Europe. In the ensuing 16 years, Loy’s vision has taken CDL, INC. from a fledgling firm into a leading provider of art advisory services.

Scott Caton

Scott Caton, LPC, ASOTP, is currently a therapist working with juvenile sex offenders at Pegasus Schools, Inc., a residential treatment center in Lockhart, Texas. If you can stomach it, this work is the source of numerous truly awful inappropriate jokes that are told by request only.

He also has a history in television and film, where he directed, produced, and edited Real Life with Dr. Gerald Mann, in Austn, Texas. Before that, he worked as a Location Manager on features and commercials.

As a native of Washington, D.C. he also spent time working for a political consulting firm and campaigns.